Write Here, Write Now

With a nod to one of my favorite 90’s hits by Jesus Jones, I thought I would take a moment to comment on the subject of writing. For me, it is not a hobby or an escape. It has become my passion. I love to write. Dare I say it? I live to write. Maybe it’s because I feel like I have a story to tell. Quite a few of them as it turns out. JEEP TOUR was always going to be written. A love story set in Sedona AZ was just too freaking incredible to pass on. Guessing at Normal came out of left field, fueled by my years as a motel desk clerk and the late great Dan Fogelberg’s visit. Now I’m finishing up a sequel to JT called Driving on the Left inspired by my daughter Hayley and our trip to Ireland. Despite my best efforts to keep them quiet, two more stories are starting to take shape. Second Guessing will follow Jill’s life as a successful songwriter and her challenges dating and being a single parent. The second is less clear, but it’s a lovestory based on actual people and events in the late 19th century. More to follow!! But for now, I invite you to sit back and enjoy a song just about guaranteed to put a smile on your face!!

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