Libraries Rock!

If you are like me, you may feel that every week is National Library Week, but alas, that is not the case. It’s just this week: April 9th-15th!

My love affair with libraries began soon after I learned to read. I grew up in a fairly rural community and the only day my mother could ‘borrow’ my dad’s car to grocery shop or take me to the library was Thursday. Proudly carrying my official library card, I would sign out whatever the maximum # of titles was at the time- 7 maybe? Whatever it was, it wasn’t enough. By the following Thursday, I was tingling with anticipation and couldn’t wait to get more.

When I was nine, we moved to a nearby town (with sidewalks!) and I was able to walk or bike to my new library as often as I wanted. I became a regular. It was HEAVEN!

I admit that for a period of time in high school, college and grad school, going to the library for anything other than completing assignments wasn’t one of my priorities. But the lure of the shelves eventually won out and I happily began visiting the library and reading for pleasure once again.

I fondly recall bringing my kids to read-aloud programs and crawling around on the library floor scouting out titles for them on the lower shelves. Ironic how my own mom (and she was an excellent one, believe me) assumed I could do all that on my own!

As a college professor, I frequent my school’s library often and am always thrilled to see how many students I see accessing computers, reviewing periodicals and reference materials and videos and even (gasp) reading a book!

My husband and I moved recently and during one of my first solo outings in our new community, I found the local library. Within a half hour, I had acquired a library card and several new titles, made a few acquaintances, joined a reading group and signed up for yoga classes which were held on-site. I was home!

Now I’m an author of three contemporary novels, and strive to sell as many books as I can, but I’m perfectly fine with the notion that my titles can be borrowed and shared as well. Readers are readers and I welcome them all!

Please join me in celebrating National Library Week this week. Locate your card or obtain a new one and pay a visit to your local library. Who knows what (or whom) you’ll find?