Pirates, Trolls & Thieves, Oh My!

Stealing is just wrong. I don’t steal. I wish no one felt the need to. I’m talking about a person or business that makes money from someone else’s work. Money that doesn’t belong to them. They didn’t earn it. Someone else worked very hard for it.

I have not worked harder at anything in my whole life than I do on my books. Honestly. Love or hate ’em, but they were written with love and sweat and all the passion I can muster. And nearly every week, I come across another pirate site offering free downloads of MY BOOKS. Or some troll who gets ARCs- Advance Reader Copies of books donated for review purposes and SELLS THEM! Yeah, I know you’re thinking- they’ve got them and can do whatever they want with them. But the people they steal from are some of the best, hardest-working people you will ever meet. It’s not fair.

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Your parents told you that and it’s still true today. Don’t patronize scumbags or bogus shell companies who sell products they have no right to just to save a couple of bucks. Seriously. Unless the author or a legit publisher is offering a free copy or free download of a book, assume it’s a pirate copy. I literally make pennies on every book I sell. But I deserve those pennies.

If you do get a book for free, pass it on to a friend or donate it to a library. Just don’t sell it. On behalf of authors around the world, thank you!!